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The Accessory of Crime Store is a spin-off from the Accessory of Crime blog. Our collection is made up of vintage, second-hand and new pieces. These pieces are hand selected by us, and often from our own personal collections. As a duo based in New Zealand, our pieces are typically sourced locally, or collected from our travels. We are hunters and hoarders in nature, and have subconsciously collected unique garments from a young age. With our overflowing collections, this store allows us to share those one-off pieces with other hunters and hoarders alike.

As our collection is made up of pieces new & old, and from many different periods, it is important to us that our shoppers have a clear understanding of the nature of each garment. We thoroughly inspect the pieces and try our best to provide an accurate and detailed description of each piece.

As pieces are from various different eras, makes and sizing systems, the sizing on the tag often differs to the modern sizing system we are familiar with.  So, we take care to provide measurements off the garments laid flat. These are in both inches and centimeters. Please double the measurements for bust, waist or hip, for the circumference.

We also offer an estimated size for the garment. This judgement is based on the measurements of the garment and the modern American sizing guide.

Size Chart

We take care to evaluate each garment's condition. When determining the condition of the garment, we examined the piece, making note of the following:
  • Condition of fabric
  • Construction of the garment or accessory
  • Discoloration, stains or spots
  • Holes, snags or tears
  • Condition of any finishing details (such as zippers, trim, buttons, bead work, appliques, etc.)
These contribute to their rating based on the guide below.

MINTItems are rare, flawless and as perfect and pristine as it was originally.

EXCELLENTMeans totally sound in condition and appearance, with very little to no signs of any wear whatsoever. The item has been well looked after and stored. The construction of the garment is sound.

VERY GOODAppears to have been well cared for and in very good used condition. Slightly more signs of wear but are difficult to see unless you are actually looking for it and not readily visible or noticeable for the most part, when worn. Minimal flaws.

GOODItem is generally in a good condition, shows signs of wear with a few minor flaws noted which should not affect the wearability of the garment. Some examples of such might include but are not limited to discolorations, a small stain, snags and pulls that is never noticeable except on inspection.

Expected 'wear' can be defined as piling, loose stitching or seams, and discoloration due to use and age. We do not sell items below these standards in our store.  If you would like to know more of the condition of a particular piece, we would be happy to discuss it further with you. Email or Contact Us to discuss.

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